Silvia Suede leather bag.: Marine

Type: Flexible Weight: 0.46 kg Measure: 35 × 15 × 32 cm Exterior: Genuine Suede Leather Interior: Leather back Closure: Zip Handle: Without shoulder strap Detail: Central stitching *The leather item may have minor color variations and may not match the image presented on the website perfectly, due to artisanal production and because the leather has natural variations. The skin may have more or less deep natural veins, this is not a defect, but a unique mark that only appears on real skin. The color of the hardware (gold, silver...) may vary depending on the season and may not match the image. The attached handle (chain, natural leather...) may vary in thickness and combination, depending on the current design update. The lining may change color depending on the color of the bag.

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